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The Preferred Vendor Directory helps vendors develop business referral relationships with key event venue personnel and southern California event planners. See "Industry Innovation".

We assist vendors by providing "master" Preferred Vendor lists (see Preferred Vendor Quick Peek) of highly-qualified vendors to the busiest Inland Empire venues as well as to Southern California based event planners.

The Prefered Vendor Directory can help grow your business while reducing customer acquisition costs. Learn about the fee for and benefits of Preferred Vendor Quick Peak links. Get "More information".



On and offline venue preferred vendor lists are often out of date. Your busy clients deserve better. The preferred vendors in our database were recommended by your peers at many Inland Empire event venues as well as by dozens of Southern California professional event planners. Share these Vendor Quick Peek links with clients. Riverside & Winery Regions. Palm Springs & Desert Regions.



Rev. Richard Cadieux - Officiant and Publisher of the Preferred Vendor Directory

Photograph by Michael Segal Photography at the Indian Wells Golf Resort. Planning by Stacey Jones Event Design. Decor by Artisan Event Floral Decor. Officiating by Rev. Richard Cadieux. Call Richard @ (760) 636-3564.